The Racingtirian Sports Car Series is a sports car racing league held in Racingtire.

History Edit

The RSCS has been going on since 1947, but it wasn't until 1992 that the series was held every year. There are 27 races each year. Races are held on 21 tracks: 3 Street Courses (Swerveston, Whyachi, Renolo), 7 Road Courses (Braylonton, Carston, Makin, Nakorno, Tyreachi, Whentachi, Questanchi), 10 Ovals (Axler, Oaks, Bradford, Rutherford, Weatherston, Hickson, Motorkrass, Inngas, Roadages, Gearings), and 1 Endurance Raceway (End Game).

International Events Edit

Before 2019, events were also held at Trenton Speedway in Roadland, and in Dakar, Senegal, as well as Tabuk, Alola. These events were stopped due to Racingtire severing ties with Senegal, putting the entire ARS alliance at odds with Racingtire.

Deaths Edit

Unfortunately, the series has had some tragedies. The first fatal occurrence in the series happened on September 9, 1969, during practice at Braylonton Speedway. Rusty Oaks hit his breaks, causing Justin Slider to swerve and hit the wall in Turn 6. Esko Laurkarnaen hit off of Oaks and slid into Slider, sending him into the air before crashing him down, killing him instantly. Laurkarnaen died two days later. Casey survived his crash but killed other racers which is why he doesnt appear but two other racers appear.

Name Date Location Cause of Death Part of Race
Justin Slider 9/6/1969 Braylonton Speedway Basiliar Windshield Fracture Practice
Esko Laurkarnaen 9/6/1969 Braylonton Speedway Basiliar Windshield Fracture Practice
Wesley McCarmick 8/17/1985 Questanchi Road Course Engine Attack Race
Alan Saabia 7/15/1999 Renolo Street Track Basiliar Windshield Fracture Race
Saybyr Zephyr 1/1/2000 Makin Racing Park Flip Practice
Mia Mazzanti, Zario Zagato 5/17/2018 End Game Endurance Raceway Basiliar Windshield Fracture, Loss of Roof|}
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