The National Wheelball League is an American Wheelball league in the United States. It was founded in 1882 by Mark Wheelhouse and is by far the most popular sports league in America.

History Edit

First Teams Edit

In 1882, four teams were created by the other few founders: New England Revolutionaries (later renamed to the New England Revolution, and then Richmond Revolutionaries), Miami Ships (later renamed to the Tampa Bay Cyclones), Detroit SeaStorms (later renamed to the Motor City Monsters), and the Biloxi Vipers (later renamed to the Vallejo Vipers).

First Expansion Edit

The results of the 1883 expansion formed the new teams that would join the New England Revolutionaries (NE), Miami Ships (MIA), Detroit SeaStorms (DET), and Biloxi Vipers (BIL). Those teams were the New York Harbors (NY), Los Angeles Hurricanes (LA), Plymouth Pilgrims (PLY), and the Bristol South Winds (BRI). These teams (except for Plymouth) became the New York Nukes, the L.A. Fade. and the Bristol Romans.

Game Structure Edit

Timing Edit

An NWL game is an hour long, with 15 minute quarters and a halftime in between quarters 2 and 3. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, the game continues until 1 team scores a slamdown.

Beginning Edit

At the beginning of a game, the captains of each team go out onto the field with the referee to flip a coin to decide who starts with the ball. The winning team decides to either go on offense or defense first, and if the team chooses offense, the ball is placed on the winning team's 25 yard line, just like a post-slamdown possession. It reverses between the teams in the second half.

Scoring Edit

Just like any American Wheelball game, the ball can be slammed through the round post at either side of the field for a 3-point goal. The preferred way to score is a slamdown, which occurs when a player gets the ball to the end zone in the opponent's side of the field. A slamdown is worth 6 points plus the extra point earned by scoring a goal or the extra 2 points from attempting another slamdown. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Balls Edit

Each team is supplied with wheelballs for practice and for use as game balls, since the home team must provide the game ball. Before a ball is approved for competition, it's inspected by the officiating crew for that particular game. Multiple balls are used per game.

Divisions and Matchup Structure Edit

The NWL is split into 2 divisions, the AWD (American Wheelball Division) and the NWD (National Wheelball Division). They both have 16 teams who each play eachother once, with matchups and home teams randomly drawn by Dave Meterson at the beginning of the year. Because there are 16 weeks, each team also has a rematch with another team in their division. Next year, each division will have 18 teams and 18 weeks.

Playoffs Edit

After 16 weeks, the regular season divisional games have taken place, and the top 6 teams as well as 1 wild card team in each division move on to the playoffs, with matchups between all 14 teams being drawn and the higher seeded team getting home field advantage. The highest seeded team gets a bye in the first round. The playoffs are single loss elimination, and the final team in each division plays each other in the world famous Supercar Bowl!

Game Officials Edit

Referee Edit

The referee is the head of the officiating crew. He is the only non-pitty official and has the final say on yardage, downs, penalties, reviews, and scoring. The referee announces all penalties and review results, and parks in the backfield during a play.

Officiating Crew Edit

Often pitties, the officiating crew calls penalties by throwing a flag for a penalty. Theyre also responsible for determining yardage, downs, and scoring, though the referee has the final say.

Tow Truck Edit

Tows damaged players back to the sidelines or into the garage their team is in.

Ambulance Edit

Takes incredibly injured players to the hospital.

Team Officials Edit

Coaches Edit

The coaches are the leaders of the team. The head coach is in charge of the whole team, with the offensive and defensive coordinators being in charge of their sides of the ball. There are also coaches for each position.

Players Edit

Self-explanatory. The wheelball players. Non-starters are often either part of the practice squad or on stand-by at games.

Captains Edit

5 players who the coaches and their teammates believe are good leaders. They help lead practices, motivate the team in the garage during pregame, halftime, and postgame, and serve as the head coach's advisors. They also go onto the field for the coin toss.

Trainers Edit

The trainers have a very important job. Often pitties, the trainers change a players' tires on the sideline when needed, as well as provide them fuel and repair minor damage. In more serious cases, a player will have to be towed back to his team garage, where the pitties try to repair him in there. In the offseason and in between games, they are in charge of installing the very complicated modifications wheelball players have.

Numbers Edit

The body numbers players in certain positions are allowed to wear, with exceptions in team emergencies.

QB: 1-49

SB: 1-49, 80-99

WR: 1-19, 80-99

TE: 10-19, 30-49, 80-99

OL: 50-79

DL: 1-10, 50-79, 90s

LB: 1-9, 20-59,

CB: 1-19, 30s, 80s

S: 1-39

SM/P: All available numbers

Teams Edit

The 32 NWL teams.

AWD Edit

Name Currect Head Coach 2019-20 record
Boston Tanks Bill Brakechek 15-1
New York Nukes Eli Motorson 8-8
Indianapolis Blue Bullets Paul Phillips 5-11
Spoilerville Supras LeRoy Hubley 9-7
Motor City Monsters Randy Racington 10-6
Pothole City Slashers Gene Coneweaver 6-10
Vallejo Vipers Frank O'Dentauk 11-5
Orlando Magicians Harry Flameout 2-14
Spark Gap Ghosts Joe Revington 7-9
Seattle Pelicans Xavier Braketon 14-2
Hollywood Shiners Sam Fendrick 5-11
Bristol Romans Peter Driv├ęz 10-6
Treble Town Gangsters Fred Ignolan 13-3
Monterey Coast Hurricanes Noel Van Goren 1-15
Carford Hills Yetis Tyrrell Thompson 6-10
Ohio Axlerods Matt Stallia 8-8

NWD Edit

Name Head Coach 2018-19 record
Knocksville Tyrants Dave Carbureski 9-7
Utah Mountaineers Ian Jumpstartington 6-10
Kentucky Coyotes Eddie Bilter 3-13
Washington D.C. 50ers Kirk Chevez 15-1
L.A. Fade James San Cadillac 9-7
Joplin Twisters Emerson Mitsuoka 5-11
Tampa Bay Cyclones Randy Gamington 10-6
Plymouth Pilgrims Olaf Enginehausen 13-3
East Honkers Eagles Chip Tankson Jr. 2-14
Chicagoland Lakers Andrew Allison 5-11
Whip City Warlords Alan Carwicki III 8-8
Irwindale Crocodiles Kyle Avanta 14-2
Watkins Glen Stallions Kyrie Dega 7-9
Eldora Mutts Carl Clutch 0-16
Dover Devils Renger VanVleet-Oilman 9-7
Richmond Revolutionaries David DuShaunt-Pedalson 2-14

Team Logos Edit

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