You can make any characters you want as long as you keep it PG-13. We're developing the sports of Wheelball (Soccer), Tireball (Baseball), and American Wheelball (Football). Some racers are allowed, but they must not be current CARCA/Piston Cup racers and must not be hard to pronounce. We are also doing racing.

Rules Edit

  1. Keep It PG
  2. No Swearing
  3. Be Creative
  4. Be Kind

Famous Cars Edit

Romanho (Romano Riviera Jr.)

Sebiho (Sebastian Riviera)

Velho (Luis Velho)

Felipeho (Felipe Santos)

Sanho (Kris Santos)

Cars Based Off Of Real People Edit

Romano Riviera Jr. = Helio Neto

Luis Velho = Jakson Follman

Sebastian Riviera = Alan Ruschel

Felipe Santos = Marcos Danilo Padilha

Latest Activity Edit

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