CARCA is a rising racing series filled with many types of racers. Some race professionally, and some are hobby racers. Some are retired racers from other series, such a series the Piston Cup. It is a parody of the real life racing series ARCA. It's not insanely popular or famous, though it gets a fair amount of attention. However, in recent years, it has become more popular than ever, with viewership and ratings increasing every week, as well as being featured in the news more. It has also drawn more attention from large companies such as Beach, Jupiter Motor, Perrier french beer, and Grandol Oil, though Grandol Oil has been in the sport for a long time.

Racer Years Sponsor Number
Justin Saturn 1988- present Mauler products (1988)

Jupiter (current)

Rodney Jump † 1964-1973 Tanner's 77
Garrett Revley † 1989-1993 None (1989)

Overtaker Electric (1990-1993)

Rodcap Music Co (1993)

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