Teams and Drivers Edit

Team Number Drivers Sponsors
Beach Racing Team 22 Zayde Wulff Beach
Charlie's Chocolate Racing 42 Dominic Ashworth Charlie's Chocolate
Lada Family Racing 43


Ezekiel Lada

Jake Lada Jr.



Riva Motorsports 9



Gabriel Rojas

Fury Gamington

Dash Irwin

Vitamin City

Riva Motorsports

Riva Motorsports

Racer Changes Edit

  • Bearden Family Racing closed its doors after the 2019 Season. Fenrick Bearden has announced that he will step away from racing to focus on his work for his family's company.
  • Rockford Doubletread announced his retirement after other racers decided that they did not want him in the series, as they said it was not safe for him. This leaves Charlie's Chocolate Racing without a driver, potentially shutting the team down. It was later confirmed that Dominic Ashworth would replace Doubletread with a new number.
  • Mikail Murcielago will return to his roots of being a Hander Cup Racer. Mario Xander or Landon Kirby will replace him in the Piston Cup. It was later confirmed that Team Vitoline would shut down, with Landon Kirby and Mario Xander going back to the Hander Cup Series.
  • Alek Narikgaston will retire, moving Racingtirian Sports Car Series racer Henry Maxwell to the Piston Cup.
  • Boston Parker will retire from racing due to his constant bad luck in life.
  • Dana Emerycraft will be replaced by Tyler Tanner Jr., son of Piston Cup owner Tyler Tanner.
  • Fury Gamington will return to racing in the #100.
  • Dominic Ashworth will drive the #42 full-time, after a contract was signed, making him part of Charlie's Chocolate Racing.

Rule Changes Edit

  • Racers who are 16 and 17 are allowed to run at short tracks, effectively making Owen Lada able to run at Carstol, Cartinsville, and Richmond.
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